Today is one of those Days…

I know you know what I mean.

Like so many of us particularly sensitive, empathic beings on our beloved Planet… I’ve been attempting to weave some kind of internal articulation around the phenomenal active Hate riddling our Collective experience – – enlivening in so so many sectors, aspects, and facets of our everyday lives.

When it seemed that we had evolved – and we did! – and we celebrated!, how could we devolve with nary a thought, a word of warning… so many unprepared for this onslaught. This sharp energy. This passionate unleashing.

Of course, because I am a creature of constant inquiry, (and perhaps because I am a Double Libra), I unfailingly look for the “reason”, the “intelligence”, the balance in all of this. And, my scientific mind can rest in the Rhythms + Cycles of the Human Evolutionary Journey… My spiritual mind can shift me into an awareness that is not time- nor space-oriented, providing a sort of relief that while we are “in” this world, we are not “of” it. Yes, I receive the constant invitation to strengthen my own consciousness + What I Know To Be True in the fabric of my own being…
Which I do. Relentlessly.

And still, I am Human.

And we forget. In a blink of an eye, it’s the way we are wired. We forget, we sleep, we slumber. And then we wake up. Again and again and again — with all the feelings and confusions and insights and wonder. With nervous systems ablaze in the tapestry of our Oneness, feeling the fire of this Collective Waking-Up.

These days I am Human more than I am not.

This emboldened invitation strikes my soul with every beat of my heart, day + night. The invitation to embrace the sting of my humanity and to STILL: stay here. Be present. Live in + from my Human Heart. And affect change. Be so committed that it doesn’t matter that my screams feel as though they fall into the chasm of our collective forgetting. Of my forgetting…

Be a Warrior of Truth. WE ARE ONE. Micro-ly. Intimately. Nuanced-ly. Simply. Utterly. Fundamentally. Macro-ly. ONE.

My heart bleeds today. I am cut. I am cut. Just like the beautiful One in New Orleans. I wail for my beloved Sisters + Brothers, my beloved Beloved.

As I wipe these burning tears dripping from the edge of my face, I feel equally the sting of confusion and the fierceness of my incarnation.

I am here.

Yet another day. Another day to prove Love. Another day to Create Reality. Another day to focus on Truth.

#DeepRed #One #EveryHumanBleedsRedBlood #EveryAll

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