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21 Days of Morning Bliss!

On this New Moon in June, join Rev. Kate Rodger, PhD-c of the Institute of Modern Wisdom and founder of Modern Day Priestess Training, in a sumptuous Daily Dose of Love to start your day!

We will be traveling together for 21 days, opening up to more Soul Truth, more Unquenchable Vitality, more Rooted Inspiration so that you may fortify, fuel, and inform all aspects of your life throughout each day.

Beginning on Wednesday June 18 and ending on July 8. 6:00 PST – 9am EST.

How wonderful will it be for you to start your day (or if listening to the replays before sleeping, dive into dreamtime..) informed and amplified by your fundamental magnificence?

There actually are fundamental changeless Truths that are always available for you to access.

Because you are an experience of the One Source, the One Presence, that which some call God, Spirit, the Universal Presence… it is your BIRTHRIGHT to live a life of unfolding contribution, artistic creativity, deep wisdom and peace – and inspired participation!

In IMW’s Mechanics of the Universe course, these immutable principles and laws are explored; in the new 21-days of Morning Bliss we will magnify these unstoppable Truths in our everyday lives.

Be prepared in the comfort of wherever-you-are for Opening Daily Movement, hailing from multiple yogic traditions, followed by Deep Attunement with a specific immutable Universal Truth each day.

Rev. Kate will seal the deal with a potent Prayer Activation, amplifying the particular Truth of the Day for you to be nourished by in every moment that follows.

This will not be a processing call!

This is a Call to nourish, vitalize, empower, and enliven the non-negotiable TRUTHS of your Primary Nature.

Humans seek and speak all the time about releasing this or that, detoxing, what needs to be fixed… what if we simply dove right in and amplified what is your native birthright, your inherent brilliance?

What if we simply activated the unshakable Magnificence that is already encoded in and as you? Furthering the creative impulses of your Soul – wherever you are in your evolutionary journey?

21-days of Morning Bliss is an enriching attunement you will be able to visit and revisit whenever and wherever you are guided to do so. Each day will be recorded, and you will be given replay info that will be available to you inperpetuity. You can use these whenever you are feeling you need or would like a tune-up, a reminder, a dose of the LIVING TRUTH of YOU.

A tiny taste of Truths that Rev Kate will be immersing us in are:
· Love
· Abundance
· Bliss
· Beauty
· Creativity
· Truth
· Expansion
· Presence
· Freedom
· Peace
· Wholeness
· Perfection
· Trust
· Order
· Intelligence
· Purpose
· Clarity
· Power
And More!

*We’ll have a private facebook group for us all to explore and share our experiences. Any questions that arise, ahas, or revolutionary moments can be shared here as well. Rev. Kate’ll be weaving in our private group with you, daily. And all Replay info will be posted here.

*Calls will last approximately 45min. Because this is not a processing call, the line will be muted to circumvent any background noise. Please arrive no later than 5 minutes past the hour.

$99. Paypal

Questions: Christel at flourish@instituteofmodernwisdom.com

Rev. Kate Rodger, PhD-c, is the founder and Spiritual Director of the Modern Day Mystery School, Institute of Modern Wisdom. For over 15 years, Kate studied under the tutelage of Dr. Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith of Agape International Spiritual Center, which holds her license. She has been steeped in practical New Thought teachings and has exp[erienced deep immersions in various indigenous Elders and Mystics from Africa to the Amazon, and the Far East to home, here in North America with Cherokee clan leader, the Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo.

Rev. Kate has been leading world-wide Sacred Journeys and Retreats since 2002 and is deeply committed to the legacy and intelligence of the Ageless Mystery School practices. She has been called an “Alchemist of Delight”, infusing humor, wisdom, and mystical union into the heart of each program she offers. Rev. Kate specializes in the pragmatic capacity of working multi-dimensionally to facilitate the human experience ~ in Animal and Plant Spirit Medicines, with the Angelic Realm, Spirit Guides, and Ascended Masters, in the Sacred Geometry of Sound, Shamanic use of the Breath, and in bridging Ancient Wisdom Ways of Earth Medicine Traditions with Modern Day practical technologies through the Modern Day Priestess and Alchemist Trainings she created in 2006. She is deeply committed to Right Relationship, beginning with the Self, extending to All of our Relations.


June 18 @ 6:00 am
July 8 @ 7:00 am
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