The Waves here at the beach are extra-ordinarily tumultuous today.
Coming fast and hard. Crashing with loud booms. Screaming toward the sky. Mama is speaking.

We still have some growing up to do.

WE – there is no ‘them’. Except in the mechanisms of our own minds, personalities, and ever-becomingness.

WE must remain vigilantly oriented in our Hearts + Clarity if WE are to continue to blossom-forth What We Know Is Possible in this world. In this Human Experience. On planet Earth, Cosmos Divine.

The Code of a paradigm that no-longer serves IS cracking. Feel it. Integrate this Living Truth.

Our Anger is Holy Anger and it is true that we can use the incisiveness of this powerful energy to continue to establish what we know is Right. There is no ‘their anger’ and ‘our anger’. No. Do not be swayed by this distraction. Something is happening right now that is not bound in time or space, although is active in time and space: Love Absolute.
Does’t mean we understand it – – with our Strategic Minds.
Yet there is a Mind, a Consciousness, that we have access to and there is no One who does not.

OUR Anger is Holy Anger and it is true that we can continue to use it to light up a legion of spotlights, pointing out that which must dissolve. That which must go away. And also – that which is True.

Beware of pointing the finger. Beware of a condensed story of perpetrator. Look within, harmonize, and when the gaze then moves to an ‘other’ we extend our hand with an Invitation to Remember. It’s okay if this isn’t always pretty. It’s on-purpose that it’s messy.

We ride a crest of service to and of and for That Which is Ineffable, ever birthing Itself, as our very lives. There is no one that is evil; there is no one of the devil. We are all borne of the Infinite, each one.

We are humans.

We must listen, deeply. And continue to feel + be guided. Not by the feelings that are actually emotions (albeit beautiful and very beautifully human). Emotions are story-oriented, and – we are weaving, even now, the New Story.
Caution with the captivation of Current Story – this is now no longer.

WE must listen, deeply. To the soulular trajectories of that which is not bound in the phenomenal world, for what is in the phenomenal world is already yesterday’s news, on it’s way out, dissolving even now.

The answer lies in this Movement of Evolution. Let us not harbor our awareness in that which is conditional, for too long; let us energize that Which is So – We – ALL of US are One.

And so here WE are, negotiating the phenomenal world… boots-on-the-ground, I say. It is imperative that while there is upset, to recognize the energetic up-wellings and openings that are available RIGHT NOW.

WE, as Wielders of Right Relationship; of Love Eternal + That Which is Possible, we must go forth and multiply that which we know is True. And not tarry in our opinions and positions and egoic sense of “otherness”. There is no Other.

Never, is there ever, any Other.

And so – if there is a feeling of Otherness, go deeper, remember, know, and subsequently weave from this truthful immutable Root.

Which means, WE get to keep our hearts open. See the “Other” as Ourself, and say – where do we go from here? I hear you. I see you. I feel you.

Stop the positioning. Stop the polarizing. Stop the bullying, however subtle. In our humanity, We grapple with this. We all do.
Compassion. A constant invitation. We begin in our own lives, obviously. Daily. Every day.
Every day.
And We cast our gaze to the Collective and infuse the Collective with What It Is we truly, deeply know. We are one.
This is about WE, not any one person.

Birthing the emergent paradigm comes with birthing pains, labor pains. Find solace in the fierce Truth that ENERGY CANNOT BE DESTROYED, that Creativity never stops, that a deep well of unworldly Peace is right here, right now.

In the Sea of real Reality, there is no separation. Under the crashing waves that soar on the surface. Deeply WE know this. We do.

Sometimes we forget. And then, if we are open + authentically interested, we Remember. We are Humans. We are creative expressions of the Infinite.

Energize That Which You Know is True. Not from personality or circumstance. Not from a place of hurt.

Nourish and love-up the hurting and then
Energize from your Soul’s Calling and remain passionately committed to these directives, using the Heart as a portal for deliverance.
Boots on the ground.

WE Are Here. WE Are One.

I love you. #WE

© 2015 Institute of Modern Wisdom
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