Rev. Kate Rodger, PhD(c)

Founder + Spiritual Director

Visionary · Game-Changer · Activist · Public Servant · Life Artist · Cook · Mystic
Rev. Kate Rodger, PhD(c), is Founder and Director of the modern day mystery school, Institute of Modern Wisdom.  Since 1999, she has studied under the tutelage of new thought visionary Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, which holds her ministerial license. In addition, Rev. Kate has engaged in deep immersions, study, and living with various indigenous Elders and Mystics from Africa (Brother Ishmeal Tetteh of the Etherean Mission) to the Amazon (Grandmother Norma Panduro of the Shipibo-Canibo), and the Far East (attending Kwansei Gakuin University in Nishinomiya, Japan and given refuge and teaching by Buddhist nuns in Thailand) to North America with Chief clan leader in the Tslagi/Cherokee tradition, the Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, amongst other pivotal Wisdom Keepers.  Kate holds a B.A. in Religious Studies with a minor in East Asian Studies, graduating Suma Cum Laude, in addition to her BFA from SMU.  She also holds a Masters of Science in Science and Spirituality and a Masters of Arts in Ancient Wisdom Traditions from Emerson Theological Institute.  Rev. Kate is currently completing her Doctorate of Philosophy, with a focus on Mysticism.

From 1988-1999, Kate is known for her work as an actor on stage and in film and television.  In her formative years in Dallas, Texas, she had the unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with world-renowned musicians, visual artists, writers, and directors via her one-woman shows as a performance artist, steeped in the then-underground renaissance art movement of Deep Ellum.  In 1992, under the name Kathleen Clary Rodger, Kate published her first [children’s] book, My Guardian Angel Took a Vacation, with illustrations by the incomparable artist, Steve Ralston, to rave reviews.

After moving to and working in Los Angeles and Europe in smaller films and television in the mid-late 90s, she transitioned her life’s direction to align with the yearnings of her heart and soul.   For a period of just over two years, Kate lived in solitude and deep listening to support returning to a life of inspired-living rather than achievement-orientation.  Out of this commitment emerged a life path of dynamic service, residing peace, and liberated co-creation.

For over a decade, Kate has focused on providing evocative, life-transformative opportunities for individuals, youth, couples, families, communities, Fortune 500 Executives, Grammy artists, Emmy and Academy Award winners – essentially any aspirant of living a life of empowered consciousness and productivity.

Beginning in 2002, Rev. Kate Rodger founded the Modern Day Priestess® movement, igniting with monthly Feminine Energy Circles in Los Angeles, CA.  In 2006, she launched the pilot Modern Day Priestess® Training and in 2010, the men’s training-in-consciousness, Modern Day Alchemist® Training after newly establishing the educational foundation, Institute of Modern Wisdom, a 501c3 corporation.

Via the Institute, Rev. Kate regularly leads world-wide Sacred Journeys, Immersions, Trainings, and Retreats devoted to the legacy of the Ageless Mystery School practices and rooted in accessible scientific universal truths, articulated in a way that serves the Modern Day.

She has been called an “Alchemist of Delight”, infusing humor, wisdom, and mystical union into the heart of each program offered by IMW.  Under her guidance, the Institute specializes in offering pragmatic spiritual tools, practices, and experiences to empower inspired-living rather than a life oriented in survival, competition, and victimization.

Bridging Ancient Wisdom Ways of Earth Medicine Traditions with Modern Day practical technologies through all IMW offerings, Rev. Kate, IMW Certified Wisdom Practitioners®, and all IMW sponsored Master Teachers are deeply committed to living a life of contribution and aligning with one’s intrinsic brilliance; essentially fostering Right Relationship, beginning with the Self and extending to All of our Relations, including Mother Earth.

Christel Libiot, MWP, MDP

Administrative Director

Space Holder · Women’s Circle Devotee · Earth Mama · Priestess · Love-Anchor
Christel Libiot is a Certified Modern Wisdom Practitioner/Modern Day Priestess® initiated through the Institute of Modern Wisdom and has been serving as part-time Administrative Director of IMW since October of 2014.  She also has a private practice as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and Life Coach where she uses these modalities to support her clients, along with Breath work, Soul Remembering® and Affirmative Prayer.  Christel has been a Leader of the Woman Within Weekend –a residential empowerment workshop for women- across the U.S. and Europe for over 12 years.  And she has designed and led wellness workshops, retreats, classes and alchemy Mystic Circles® in the mid-Atlantic area. She also co-leads Cacao Ceremonies with her husband Jim Wert, a Modern Day Alchemist® and wizard.  She is a master at holding space and celebrating each individual in their Truth.  Her path is that of Service to Love Absolute.  She lives on five acres in Maryland, outside of Washington DC, with her husband, 3 cats, 2 dogs, one snake and many faeries and elementals.

Marianne Mitchell, MWP, MDP

Certification Director, Sacred Ceremony Director

Creatrix, Visionary, Wordsmith, Prayer Activist, Weaver, Priestess
Marianne Mitchell is an IMW-Certified Modern Wisdom Practitioner, KRI-Certified Aquarian Teacher of Kundalini Yoga, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, Ancient Wisdom Teacher and Spiritual Counselor. She holds a variety of other certifications and trainings.  Marianne works with individuals and groups, teaches a number of tele-classes on spirituality and healing, co-facilitiates seasonal cleanses as well as co-teaching the 2015/16 Modern Day Priestess® Training.  She is Director of Certification and Director of Sacred Ceremony for the Institute of Modern Wisdom as well as a member of the Elder Council and Director of the Practitioner Core.

Currently in private practice in the Asheville, NC area, Marianne weaves together an immense toolkit of modalities, including intuitive guidance and wholistic consulting to support individuals and groups at the level of mind, body and spirit to hold each one in remembering more fully who they are.  Marianne offers private sessions, distance sessions, Divine Feminine Shamanic Circles, Shamanic Men’s Council, Co-ed Mystic Circles®, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Classes. She also offers Land Ceremonies and Blessings as well as Rites of Passage for all stages of life.

Tara Matthews, L.Ac, MDP

Body Temple/Yoga Director

Explorer · Yogi · Mother · Jedi · Innovator · Lover of the Human Heart
Tara Matthews has been with the mystic journey for most of her life.  Beginning at age 14, she left home for adventure and discovery in boarding school out state, then studied abroad in five countries before returning to California. This gifted her with a broad perspective that invited further study of the human journey, resulting in a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and a love of healing practices ranging from nutrition to energy medicine to yoga.  During her undergrad and graduate years at University of California Santa Barbara, she worked as a yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, and personal fitness trainer in Montecito, CA and opened a health food store while studying for her state medical boards.

After meeting Rev. Kate Rodger and completing the Modern Day Priestess® Training in 2008, Tara resonated with the Institute’s mission to bring ancient healing and consciousness practices into a post-modern world and continued to study with IMW, becoming a Certified Wisdom Practitioner® and Body Temple/Yoga Director in 2014.  As an accredited KRI Kundalini Level 2 Teacher who is also trained in Hatha and Gong Healing practices, Tara created the KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program for the Institute in 2013.

Tara is a licensed, full-time Acupuncturist and Chinese Medical Practitioner and brings a rich meditation and yoga lineage anchored in almost 20 years of practice.  Tara regularly teaches yoga, workshops and tele-courses, facilitates Mystic Circles®, and sees clients in Southern California and beyond.  As founder of The Art of the Daily Practice, she aspires to inspire others to create a sustained weaving of practical awareness that comes with a daily practice of meditation, yoga, prayer, and self-care.  As a wife and mother, she understands the challenges and rewards this YES can bring and utilizes her gifts to help others see the beauty, meaningfulness, and wholeness present as their life experience.

Erika Rose Santoro, MDP

Youth Director

Visionary Architect, Cosmic Sound Weaver, Oracle, Mama, Truth Agent
Erika Rose Santoro, MWP(c), began her deep passion and intrigue for all things numinous at a very young age. The first book she read at age 9, Many Lives, Many Masters, by Dr. Steven Weiss, confirmed past-life remembrances and from there she began to study astrology and stay in close contact with her Angels.

Rose Santoro’s connection to the spirit world, and her love of music, dance, and making people laugh sustained her throughout her adolescence. Like many, she felt very “different” from others and deeply felt the lack of compassion and love in the world around her. Thus, she spent the next 20 years unwinding the non-supportive programming of her youth through working with Shamans, Reiki Masters, and other healing and energy work practitioners.

While at The University of Miami, Erika majored in Jazz Voice, minored in Business, and began her yoga and meditation practices. Upon graduation, she put her album project on-hold to go on the road and support her best friend, the then unknown Alicia Keys. Keys went on to win 6 Grammys for her debut, Songs in A Minor – an album on which Rose co-wrote the wildly successful single “A Woman’s Worth”.

While partnering with Keys business-wise over the next 15 years, Erika continued her studies, becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach via the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, a Clairvoyant Practitioner, and a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

In 2012, she matriculated through the IMW Modern Day Priestess® program, and her life forever changed. Feelings of being “different” and alone melted away. By way of the masterfully designed course of deep study, practice, and community support, she was able to remember Truths – that we are indeed all One – awakening that part of her which had forgotten, and fostering deep peace, allowing her to exhale and finally be her true self!

Now married and a mother, Erika’s life continues to grow and expand. Living in upstate NY on a homestead apothecary and farm, Rooted and Wild, where along with husband, David, they will host Chef’s Table dinners, Yoga and Wellness Retreats, Workshops and Trainings for Youth, Women, and Couples.

It is with great honor, in loving service, that Erika holds the space for the Youth Training Program for the Institute. This is a deep calling, offering a loving heart and hand to children and adolescents who may be feeling and experiencing the very same challenges she felt growing up.

Sharyn Nichols, MA, MFT, MDP

Hospitality Director

Listener · Sharer · Giver · Mother · Cheerleader
Sharyn was a founding board member of the Institute of Modern Wisdom as a 501c3 corporation, where she served as its Treasurer for 4 years.  In 2015, she transitioned to her new post as Hospitality Director, inspired to find and create ways to support the vision of the Institute while weaving in participation with the greater community, near and far.

Sharyn has spent the last 20 years helping others. She has committed her life to personal transformation and inner peace.  With a Masters of Arts in psychology from Pepperdine University, she has established a well-rounded private practice, blending concepts from her psychotherapeutic training with her education from the many courses and trainings offered by the Institute of Modern Wisdom.  Sharyn’s clients also benefit from her training as a KRI certified Kundalini yoga instructor.   

She provides a safe and nurturing environment to explore spiritual awakening, emotional growth, and health and well being.  As an undergrad, she received a BSBA from Boston University.  She has been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 2000, with a practice in the San Fernando Valley and the Westside of Los Angeles.  She also currently serves as a Regional Board member for the Anti-Defamation League.

She is excited to now be the Director of Hospitality because it will allow her to share her warmth, her bright light, and huge smile with the new and current participants of IMW!

Dawn Leader, MDP

Meta-Business Director

Oracle · Song-Smith · Visionary · Nature Lover · Business Guide  
Dawn Leader is a person of love and wisdom; depth and passion.  From a very early age, she started weaving life in a unique way – often spending time in nature and with numbers where she is so comfortable.  Dawn feels, sees, and responds to the flow of nature deeply, and she brings this aptitude into the corporate world today; she can see, feel, and know where energy is flowing, with an attuned understanding of harmony and balance in the nature of modern day business.

Throughout her life, she has worked for a variety of different types of businesses – fabrication, food, contracting, public accounting, insurance, and personal development and is well-versed in many areas of business functionality – including accounting, IT, human resources, and management.  Having held most positions from clerk to Senior Vice President, Dawn is currently Chief Operations Officer of an insurance administration company in the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin.

Specializing in unique ways to shift processes while reducing time, saving money and resources, Dawn mentors employees to bring out the best qualities of each.

Dawn is deeply spiritual, is committed to her daily practice, and supports others in finding their unique connection to spirituality.  She has studied with various mentors over the past 20+ years, most recently with the Institute of Modern Wisdom.  Through her Modern Day Priestess® and Modern Wisdom Practitioner® journeys she has strengthened a powerful understanding of the way universal truths operate in the world.  She is adept at reiki, crystal healing, sound healing, circle work, workshops, and intuitive guidance.

Dawn guides groups through equality in the Mystic Circles® she holds for reflective sharing and exploration.  She utilizes sound, nature, and ancient/ageless wisdom to assist those choosing a life of love.  Her service to love extends to her role on the board for The Women’s Center in Waukesha, WI. and to being a dynamic presence on the Elder Council of the Institute of Modern Wisdom.

Marisa Chen Moller, MDP

Love Center Manager

Mother · Priestess · Artist · Phoenix · Power House
After meeting Reverend Kate Rodger in 2002, Marisa started on the path of the Modern Day Priestess® via regular attendance of monthly Feminine Energy Circles, private study, and travel on Sacred Journeys led by Rev. Kate.  In 2008, Marisa completed the Modern Day Priestess® Training, incorporating what she learned, remembered, deepened, and strengthened into her life as a mother, actor, teacher, and volunteer.

In 2004 Marisa and her husband moved their family to magical Ojai, CA because they were drawn to the energetic vortex of this special town. Raising their two boys in the sweet community with the small-town feel, they enjoy many family outdoor activities and wonderful community relationships.

Marisa and her two boys are professional actors working in the Los Angeles area – and, while the commute may be a little more than average, they feel returning to the haven that Ojai is balances the many stresses that can accompany one working in the entertainment industry.

As the property manager for the Ojai Love Center, Marisa is only half a mile away and loves tending to the home and land with its natural beauty. “There is such a sense of serenity the minute you enter the property… You will find yourself immediately exhaling any stress and inhaling the peace that surrounds you…   The Ojai Love Center invites you to enjoy feeling centered, as your body and soul instinctively and naturally move into easier pace.”   This is precisely why Marisa and her family continue to choose to live in Ojai, and she invites everyone to come and experience this extraordinary beauty for themselves. Learn more here:

Susanna Woods


Public Servant · Teacher · Counselor · Healer
Susanna Woods is a passionate supporter of life and all it has to offer.  For almost two decades she activated that passion through coaching and facilitating as a licensed spiritual practitioner (ALSP) at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. 

As a longtime member of the Los Angeles legal and financial communities, Susanna holds both California and FINRA licenses.  Currently, she delights in empowering individuals in realizing their financial goals and dreams with ease through her personal financial management practice.  

When she is not working, Susanna can be found hiking the many hills, valleys, mountains and canyons of Los Angeles with friends – where – inspired by her Austrian heritage – she draws strength and sustenance for life’s journey.  Susanna is originally from Braunau, Austria, and speaks fluent German.

Since the founding of the Institute of Modern Wisdom, Susanne has admired IMW’s service to the planet and its commitment to raise global consciousness by helping individuals discover their gifts and empowering them to live authentically.  Susanne is delighted to support IMW as its Treasurer.

Rev. Grace Lovejoy, BA, MA


Mystic · Artist · Teacher · Healer · Visionary · Weaver
 Rev. Grace has been working in the fields of therapeutic bodywork and consciousness since 1987.  She holds two nationally recognized certifications in Somatic therapy and as a Bonnie Prudden Myotherapist.  The relationship between our bodies and our minds became abundantly clear as she recognized the correlations between the personal healing of bodily injury and disease and the attitude of healing the patient holds.  After several years of dedicated work in the physical realm she received a “call” to ministry.  Her studies in the field of body-mind-Spirit connection and the understanding that “what you think about and talk about, comes about” made it imperative to teach the importance of allowing the Spirit, through the use of Mind, to inform and lead in the physical realm.  

She received her Bachelor of Arts in Consciousness Studies from Agape Institute in 2004 and her Masters of Arts in Consciousness Studies from Holmes Institute in

The importance of the spiritual work done through Institute of Modern Wisdom gives Rev. Grace another opportunity to support the work of raising consciousness on the planet, one committed person at a time.  She is happy to be included on the Board of Directors for IMW.