The Big Bang.  A Dark Night of the Soul.  The Bottom Fell Out.  The Sh*t Hit the Fan!  Mercury’s in Retrograde (heck – 5 Planets in Retrograde!).  Full Moon.  New Moon.  Solar Flares.  That Time of the Month (for chics + some dudes). Yes. No. Stop. Go.  Who Am I?  Where Am I?  What is GOING ON??!

Utter Discombobulation.           …ever have this experience?

I call it Sacred Chaos.  It’s kinda like a soup.  Or an explosion.  Or that excruciatingly tremulous Mystery Walk where we long to see beyond the next 5 centimeters.  Every single one of us has had the unflappable tenure of forgetting moments of painful birthing, only to rise forth out of the bubbling quagmire a little shinier, a bit stronger, and a whole lot wiser.

So – hang on.  Your hat is going nowhere.  (And even if it does, a new one is on its way.)

There’s an impersonal, immutable Law in our Universe undergirding these phenomenal passages and it is called the Law of Cycles.  Super persistent.  There’s also at least one constant, unstoppable Universal Principle imbuing these moments and it is called Expansion.  It’s never not happening.  It’s always happening.

The trick to abiding these times, these Portals of Alchemy, is to simply and truly and deeply remember these Truths.

When the going gets wacky, give yourself a moment and breathe.  I mean it:  stop.  And receive a breath.  Next – look around the space, wherever you are, find a chair (or a great spot under a tree) and sit.  Breathe again.  Consciously.  Breathe.  Feel that life-giving sweetness swoop into your beautiful body and splash all around.

Okay.  So the chaos is still happening and at least now you’re a bit disassociated from it (keep breathing).

Now:  tune into the timeless Truth that “something greater” is happening here, there’s so much more occurring than meets the eye.  Feel that.  Breathe with that for a bit.  Feel it some more.

Your brain will relax, endorphins will seep into your blood, your nervous systems will quiet down. Breathe some more.  Allow that part of you that is the “Something Greater” to remind the part of you trying to manage (and possibly somewhat managing to manage) the proverbial Craze that “this too shall pass”…

Just like the seasons, just like cells dividing and skin shedding, just like graduating from one grade to the next, we are on a Spiral Evolutionary Journey and the peace will come again.

And it will be shiny and new – emboldened with your creative impulse.  Cuz see, that’s what’s essentially happening here.  The brilliance of your soul has said Yes to birthing the extraordinary incredibleness of YOU, as only it can, and it must stir things up in order to do so.  Nothing is birthed without expansion – and contraction (see: Cycles).  So the Cycles are happening along with the evolutionary trajectory of the impulses of your brilliant soul and that sometimes can make for a messy moment.

Let it happen.  Breathe.  Remember.  And – – as much as you can allow – enjoy, even – the ride.  Ugh.  I mean – Hooray!  Let’s do it!

Rev. Kate Rodger

© 2015 Institute of Modern Wisdom
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