Shamanic Mystic Circles®

IMW Shamanic Mystic Circles® are life-transforming, empowering gatherings of like-hearted and like-minded individuals coming together to amplify the vitalizing Truths of their lives.

In the Divining of the Circle, we tap the innate Vein of Gold encoded within. Consciousness is strengthened, along with self-reliance, inspiration, and right-relationship. Additionally, during this portion of the Circle-work, a portal is opened so that mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and physical blocks may be released.

Next, fully supported by the Universe in a powerful Mystic Journey and with the use of Pranic Breathwork® we activate an expanded multi-dimensional engagement with One’s fundamental Truths. This is a time in which profound release and clearing occur, allowing you to then have deep communion with your Soul, thereby allowing you to rise-forth and reveal the underlying Inspiration, Wholeness, and Wisdom encoded at the level of your Soul and unique DNA. Your life is suddenly enhanced beyond any imagined expectation or projection. New neuro-synaptic communication ignites, forming new thought-patterns and belief systems at the deepest levels of your consciousness in pristine alignment with the codes written on your Soul. Your Soul’s Purpose(s) are instantly fueled and empowered with the overflowing Creative Intelligence of your Soul’s Purpose and inspired guidance.

Our Soul Family time together is a vibrant Celebration of Who You Truthfully Are!!

As individuals on a powerful, spiritual evolutionary journey, when we come together and experience our vitalizing Yes in community, and authentically engage with the deep authenticity of your Soul, the collective experience energizes and synergizes each one’s Yes tremendously, exponentially.

IMW Mystic Circles® are truly an opportunity and an avenue for you to Remember Who You Are®, work in concert with your Soul’s brilliance, and facilitate a life of overflowing fulfillment.

West Los Angeles
Sunday, January 7, 5:00-8:00 p.m.
Shamanic Mystic Circle®
with Rev. Kate Rodger
@Sharyn Nichols
Address upon registration

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