Through the Fire.

Sinking in the rich cushion of black fertility, ashes rise gently filling my inhale and bringing balance to the fever in my soul… the living Intelligence of this life unceasingly cracks me wide.

Here in the Sacred Valley, just four months ago, this earth, this holy ground I am now sinking in, scorched with a blaze only She could’ve foretold.

Here, in the silence, a gentle humming rises… it feels that Gaia is shuddering awake.

Yes, it’s springtime and that’s what happens as the turn of seasons sway, and yet, just now in the wake of another full moon there is a wisdom that is at once pressing and rising forth, beckoning a listen.

What is actually happening as we rise in this moment?

What is actually happening with the birthings we are witnessing?

What is actually happening with these beginnings tickling our souls?

As the honorable Alan Watts reminds us, we too often are caught in the before and the after, and yet – truly, actually – there is only one moment, one moment that is Now.  The before and after are, in this human navigation, woven in stories.

If we can simply remain present, breathe and presence, no commentary is needed, though the stories belie the patterns.  So yes, in the evolutionary journey of time itself, Nature has swept through here in the form of the largest recorded fire in the history of this area, and yet, now, the earth under my feet, is sinking in the softest most delicious fertility my soles have known.

What is to come will come, what has been has been, and what is here is here.

And so I’m breathing… and, how is the Intelligence of what is here happening? What is this dynamic Intelligence up to?

A wise woman once told me:  everything in this human life mimics Nature; we are all simply reflections of Her.

This land has seen life-ending fires; my own life has burned in flames, over again.

Goodness, I’ve even referred to a particular period of my life, a time of great transition and alchemy, as the time I “fired my life”.  Interesting to ponder the notion of the soullular kiln of my life “firing me”…

Life is an evolutionary journey; there is only One thing operating.

The human collective is riddled with ground fires, spot fires, crown fires, torching fires and more – we are all feeling it, and we are all bearing witness.  Sometimes we light those fires, and sometimes those fires light us.  What is surface goes deep, what is deep rises.

There is no other Element like the Holy Blaze – for each of the other Elements weave with Its artistry: Air, to feed; Earth, to stabilize; Water, to quell.

In the intimacy of my own inferno I am called to not only fan the flames, I am called to douse them with anointing oils.

What about you?

Let’s do this. Let’s purify like we’ve never purified.  Let’s birth like there’s only the immediacy of NOW. Let’s shake with tremors that only my and your souls can scream forth –

I am here! I am birthing a New Life!  We are here!  We are birthing a New Paradigm!

What does this ask of us?

It requires that we not be swayed by appearances – –

AND. WHEN. WE. ARE,  it invites activation of a holy inner authority to remain present.  Sink-in to that fertile sanctuary and not be swept in story, but instead be steadied by a soulful presence, a seeing-through, a maturity, and a commitment.

This can be tough, cuz we all know how juicy, captivating, and entertaining the realm of stories can be. Especially the ones where we get to play the convenient role of the victim.  The direct experience of evolution demands that we stretch and spiral awake, that we birth, create, contribute, and love, that we realize our undeniable Oneness over and over and over again.

The direct experience of evolution requires that we birth and establish a new paradigm.  Together.

Breath of Life – that first gasping.

Only Magnificence dwells here. This New Place. This Foreign Territory. A Place that I’ve been before yet never before.  The Light here is so bright!  The air is so rich!  The ashes here are fertility, nutrition, possibility.  That which has been burned-up by the sacred soul fires is holy compost.  Light is shadow and shadow is light. Wide-open and clear. An absolute work and play of art, of the highest order.


The delicacy of this invitation can be tenuous and quixotically destabilizing.  Strengthening our ability to respond with grace –

This is where Holy Communion comes in.  Daily practice, whatever that may be for you. Prayer, meditation, breathing in nature, ceremony, mathematics, spiritual study of cosmic reality; inquiry, availability, compassion, forgivingness, and love.

Fever Pitch.

Casting my gaze to the collective, as I breathe this char-scented forest fire exhale… the unquestionable evolutionary journey of humanity moving at a fever-pitch presses upon me…  I am grateful for this softened land under my feet, this rich sooted-soil, ever giving of herself, just like my own journey, over these past few alchemical years.

So many…

These days, there’s not a day that goes by that I do not hear from at least ONE Beloved torched by the holy flames of their soul. Delirious derailment. Unspeakable darkness. Again.

Here, in this Human Experience, we never arrive.

We just don’t.  Not me, not you, not any one of us.

What is given, however, is this moment. We have our ability to be present, and we have the ability to orchestrate a choice. We have the abiding brilliance of our souls, and we have the wisdom portal of our hearts.

Scanning this stiletto forest that was once teaming with verdant life and home to so many creatures and devas and ideas and conclusions, with a deep soulsmile I tremble at the alchemy of life’s journey.

My soul’s inferno has seared and seasoned the path before me well. Grateful to be a listener, I receive and integrate the alloyed fusion of my fate.  Breath by breath, heartbeat by heartbeat.  Trusting Life without understanding, I agree to nutrify, to tend to and serve, what is summoning.  I agree to rise from these flames. Again. Ever again.

It’s not easy, no, this is not the easy path.

Which, I suppose, is why it’s so mythic – the path of the phoenix. And yet this we must do – we must rise, individually and collectively to herald our true humanity.

We must rise, we must answer the compelling yessing so brightly encoded in the core of our souls.

Like so many trees in the forest, the fires of our souls will chafe these soulseeds awake and demand the rise, the luminous yes.


Walking in this holy valley where the most intense of fires has raged, I know this rage, deeply.  This walk I have done.

And it is here that I breathe and I rest. I listen and I bear witness. I regenerate and birth.

What about you?


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