Let’s have a visit with Solstice for a smidge,

Shall we?

For those of us living in the northern hemisphere, we are moving into an encounter with what seems to be an almost unstoppable Light:

The most potent source of energy in our local universe (aka El Sol, the Sun, Central Star) reaches a zenith once a year and seems to suspend time, gifting us with a heightened vitality that literally feeds our entire being, along with all our relations.

For the lands down under, an invitation to turn within begins, and the dance of Winter Wisdom lulls all souls to remember…

And for this particular meet-up, I’ll stick with the spacious luminous Summer Solstice since most humans reading these words are set to experience this splendor.

In sync with the intelligence of Mother Nature, summer moves to a climax, beckoning life to a heightened blossom… a sort of stretching forth.. an unstoppable becoming.. a waterfall of giving…

Are you feelin’ it?

I know you are… well, especially if you press pause for a moment and receive a breath. Like, right now.

On that exhale allow yourself to settle in. Feel the vibes of the season.

The encoded genius.

There’s something moving, something percolating – almost effervescing, right?

What you’re feeling is the Rising of your very core, the impulse to express the you-ness of you, a native instinct to cast your light into Life Itself…

So, now, how does that feel?

What I’d like to shine a light on

Is that this is not an assignment.

Got it?

This is not another self-growth exercise.

This is not something you are required to do or achieve or cross off the task-list or get “right”.

You already got this. The seeds of your essence are encoded with this Soulshine – a full-on recipe for scintillating You.

You get to breathe with this, dance with this, flow from this.

Unspeakably beautiful dazzling mind-blowing resplendent incredible unrepeatable never before never again YOU.


What we are spiraling with

In our human evolutionary journey is a rising out of ideas and engagements centered on achievement.

We are moving from self-identity and self-understanding to soul-identity and soul-understanding.

We are shifting from serving the precepts and constructs of a house-of-cards world to serving the immutable nature of all that is native to the substance of our souls.

This has everything to do with your Divine Nature; your Essential Self. Eternal You.

It’s a rich exploration, and principally, what we are maturing within our independent, interdependent, and collective emerging paradigm is the wisdom of honoring and surrendering to the Voice of Soul.

The evolutionary impulse of a soul pouring forth its majestic artistry is something quite different than performance or achievement. It’s an unfoldment, a curious gaze of nonstop explorating and exposure, a creative bounty of Life and Love Intelligence forever flowing…

It’s at once super-intimate and cosmically-cogent.

Think of the wondrous flowers

Blooming all around you – their sublime beauty and ultimate expressing… Never once do they deal with accomplishing anything – they are simply and quite utterly and unquenchably efflorescing Who They Are.

Let’s do that too.
Me + You.

YOU are a flower!

Cloaked in a human experience. Like the ineffable beauty of kaleidoscopic blossoms you are seeing everywhere these days — let your soul *SHINE* this Solstice, like Nature intended – with ease and joy and bubbling bliss!

If only for a moment here or a heartbeat there throughout your days- liken yourself to that which is your soul glow – your endemic nature, your pure uncontainable essence!

This is why I like to call the pinnacle of Solstice, Soulstice.

Let’s ride with the cresting of our Superstar Sun!

And allow the transcendent nature of our Souls to shine forth!

© 2015 Institute of Modern Wisdom
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