Know Thyself.

Recognize Who You Truly Are.

Before you were you, you were an idea in the Mind of the Infinite Creative, the One Impulse which is forever unfurling Itself through and as All. The same Intelligence which birthed Itself into existence as the galaxies, solar systems, stars and multi-verses was so interested in what may be… if It shaped Itself into time and space and called Itself – You.

Yes You: an artistic expression of the Infinite Creative spiraling on an evolutionary journey along with the rest of us. Us meaning everything. Everything that is seen and not seen. For lo, we are born of the Infinite, each one of us – and, like a rare gemstone, a living work-of-art, we are fully imbued with the unquenchable magnificent nature of this One.

Dynamically individual – there is not another like you! Think snowflakes and fingerprints and the dots on a ladybug. Think grains of sand on a beach, drops of water in the ocean, the uncountable bugs in a rainforest! Absolutely unrepeatable and categorically irreplaceable! Never having existed before and never will again. Only You. Here, now. An experience of the Infinite condensed and crystallized into this moment. Perfect. Complete. And O-So-Necessary!

And, fascinatingly… each one of us – every one – springs from this very same Primordial Soup. Remarkably unique, and unequivocally undivided. We are one.

We are one with all that is, all that has ever been, and all that will ever be. Down to the core. The Alpha, the Omega.

So, when a Beloved embarks on the Quest for Awakening… or when One has an ache of some kind of wanting, she or he must open the intrepid treasure chest of spiritual exploration; and there will find the very first invitation of Self Recognition.

Then, and only then, can Love take over your life. Then and only then can Respect be the order of your day. Then, and only then, can Abundance be understood as your birthright. Then and only then will Bliss be the fulfillment of your Soul.

Remember Who You Are.

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